Hair Removal

VIVOTM series IPL systems, developed on the basis of JOYEE’s professional technical background in laser and optoelectronics field over 10 year, is one of the most reliable and advanced IPL system around the world market.

According different wavelength, IPL can be well used for hair removal ,skin rejuvenation, vascular lesion, pigment lesion …

As key part of IPL system, the efficiency of handpiece results the performance of machine and the treatment effect. All the intense light could be refelcted and collected by the high effeciency reflector and sapphire light guider. Base on our H-pulseTM technology, together with silver coated hand-polished reflector which processed by high density Cu-Alloy material,single pulse energy density could achieve 20J/cm2 easily, this is important for long-term treatment effectivity.

VIVOTM designed magnet switch structure for the quickly replacement of filter, makes it easier for different filters’ change.

As we know UV is harmful for skin, IPL as a wide spetcturm system inculdes UV wavelength also. So we use three process to cut off the harmful wavelegth, first the lamp tube, then the quartz tube, at last the coatied sapphire filter.

For a reliable machine, the alert system and automatic protective functions are nessary, that’s beneficial for both operator and machine. VIVOTM series machines have the intelligent alert system, control the cycled water cooling system which important for the skin cooling. The intelligent system monitor combined with powerful cooling system, enable the machine works long time in safe condition.

Typical applaiction is as below:

  • Removal of fleck, sun spots, age spots, coffee spots and all kinds of pigmented lesions
  • Clearance of vascular lesion and acne
  • Shrinkage of large pore,enhanced the elasticity and rejuvenation of skin
  • Removal of excessive hair in oxter, lip, chest, back, limb…etc.