Long-pulse Er:YAG Laser

Flash lamp pumped Er: YAG laser has 2940 nm wavelength laser output, this wavelength has strong water absorption properties. So, the laser can be applied to the field which need the higher water selective absorption, such as skin care applications.

At the same time, due to the feature of water absorption, we have to consider special protective measures on the design of laser in order to prolong its service life.

Typical specification is as below:

  1. WAvelength Output:2940nm
  2. Output Energy:50-3000mJ
  3. Repetition Rate:1-5Hz
  4. Pulse Width:0.3-1ms

Because the erbium laser has a high energy pumping threshold, we have to consider higher power input capacity and better heat dissipation capability during the laser design. This is also one point of the design difficulties of high power Er:AYG laser.

Imported key parts from oversea market, our laser has been exported to South Korea and many other countries. We are few of china manufacture which can provide the Er:YAG laser with big output energy up to 3J, we also are the only supplier which could adopting arm transfer system at present.