IPL Power Supply

The first launched new IPL power supply conformed to the medical CE standard made in China, full met the requirements of EN60601-1-1, EN60601-1-2.

The power supply comes with the new high frequency soft switch circuit, the efficiency exceed 80%. The simmer circuit of flash lamp with special designing, makes the lamp keeping longtime stable and reliable status. The monitoring for the over-temperature, over-voltage, simmer status, power tank charging status, guarantee the stable and reliable work status of power supply. We also reserved the control and test interface in the power supply, it would be convenient for the secondary development by customer.

You could control the power supply perfectly with our control board and software.

Typical Specification is as below:

  • Input Voltage:110VAC±10%,50/60Hz or 220VAC±10%,50/60Hz。
  • Voltage of bulk capacitors:200~400VDC adjustable
  • Output power:800W(max.)。
  • Peak voltage of simmer pulse:15KV。
  • Simmer current: 200mA。
  • Peak current output: 400A(max.)。
  • Load: single lamp