Nail Fungus Treatment

Statistics show that about 6-8% of the population has a fungal infection, the data is more higher in some countries, such as North America has about 12% of the population has such problems.1064 nm long pulse laser can be effective in the nails/nail fungus infection.

A  new laser application approved by FDA , specifically for the treatment of nail fungus, proved to be an effective treatment way with safety, no drugs, painless, and suitable for all age groups.1064 nm wavelength has a strong penetrating power, therefore, the effect of the deep deck, effectively kill fungi, no side effect to normal human tissue .

Base on our  Prima long pulse Nd:YAG laser,you can built a nail fungus treatment laser system easily.

Optic Fiber Handpiece Design

Prima long pulse laser using optical fiber for laser delivery, it has good beam quality, and easy to operate. Special design on the treatment handpiece, light and easy to use, similar as working with a pen, simple and convenient. It Can effectively release your work fatigue, reduce working intensity.

Friendly UI

Colorful touch screen operation, easy to adjust parameters and Settings; Intelligent management system, monitor and ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment, safe for your treatment.

More Choice

We luanched a desktop system and a standing system for your choice with different operate requirement.