Power Supply For Lamp Pumped Laser

The first dual lamp laser power supply which designed with medical CE standard requirements in China. It complied with medical standard of EN60601-1-1 and EN60601-1-2.

The power source adopts the high frequency soft switch circuit, the efficiency is more than 80%. A specially designed xenon-lamp simmer circuit, that allows the xenon lamp to remain stable and reliable for a long time; In particular, the design of status monitoring for extra-temperature, extra-voltage, simmer status, and the energy pool charging full, could guarantee the stable and reliable working of the power supply.

With our controller, can control the power supply perfectly.








Typical Specification is as below:

  • Input Voltage:110VAC±10%,50/60Hz or 220VAC±10%,50/60Hz。
  • Voltage of Capacitor Pool:300~1000VDC adjustable
  • Max. Power:1000W。
  • Max.Energy Input on Single Lamp:50J。
  • Discharge Pulse width:300uS。
  • Peak Simmer Voltage :15KV。
  • Max.Repetition Rate:10Hz。
  • Max. of Q-switch working:50Hz。
  • Simmer Current:200mA。
  • Max. Peak Current:1000A。
  • Trigger Voltage:2~5KV DC adjustable。
  • Q-trigger Voltage:-400VDC。
  • Load:dual flash lamp